Bioline Deinsectization Shampoo For Pets 200ml

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Bioline Deinsectization Shampoo For Pets- 200 Ml[6.76 Fl Oz]Bioline Deinsectizationcat & Dog Shampoois Applicable For The Prevention And Treatment Of Skin Lesions Such As Itching, Rash, Hair Loss, And Similar Symptoms Caused By Mites, Fleas, Lice, And Other Ectoparasites.The Margosa Extract, Citronella Oil, And Clove Oil Form A Perfect Combination That Is Anti-Parasitic And Reduces Skin Itching, Dander, And Repairs Skin Effectively.Applicationwet Thepet Furthoroughly With Warm Water By Washing The Body With Plain Water First. Shake The Shampoo Bottle Well Before Using It. Apply Shampoo On The Wet Body, Gently Rub The Body For 3-5 Minutes, And Rinse With Warm Water Completely. Use Twice A Week In Initial Treatment, And Once A Week After Symptoms Improved. Maintain At Least Three Weeks After Recovery.Precautionskeep The Shampoo Away From Pets And Children. Seek Immediate Medical Advice If Ingested.For External Use Only. Avoid Contact With Eyes And Inner Ear.

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