Bioline Paw Care Creme 50 Ml

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Bioline Paw Care Creme 50 ml

For cats and dogs, it is a pouting cleansing cream that destroys viruses that can be carried into the house after it leaves the house, preventing the drying and cracking of pests.


Allows your home to remain sterile and clean.


  • When your pet comes to the house from outside, apply to the foxes.
  • Use a cloth to massage.


Packaging 50ml


  • Moisturizes and protects your dogs’ and cats’ paws and supplies the skin and coat with vital ingredients
  • Antibacterial properties keeps up paws health
  • The gentle formula is perfect for animals with sensitive skin
  • Promotes soft and supple paws
  • Ideal for cracked or dry paws
  • Can be used daily to clean and care for your furry friend’s feet
  • Extremely easy to use, simply rub foam into paw     

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