Boyu Instant Siphon Cleaner By-28

Sale priceAED 43.05


Features: Innovative auto siphon pump, quick and easy. On/off flow control valve. Integrated gravel / fish strainer. 6 inch tubing included.Direction: Submerge gravel vacuum cleaner inside aquarium. Place other end of hose into a bucket. Open up flow control valve. Start SQUEEZING the auto siphon pump until a siphon is created. Remove fish waste and debris by lowering gravel vacuum on gravel. Adjust flow control valve as needed for different size aquariums.Specification:Adjust flow control value as needede for different size aquarium. Composition and materials are plastic and silicon. Innovative auto siphon pump quick and easy. Integrated gravel and fish strainer and 6 inch tubing included. Can be extended using extra 16/22 tube.

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