Emeraid Sustain Herbivore 100G

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Description EmerAid Sustain Herbivore is highly digestible nutrition scientifically designed for herbivorous mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and more) and herbivorous reptiles (green iguanas, tortoises, and more) who are recovering from critical illness, suffering from chronic medical conditions, or being underweight. It’s also a transition diet for herbivores moving from intensive care nutrition to normal food. It contains more whole nutrients than EmerAid Intensive Care HDN. The powdered formula is mixed with water to feed. An expert panel, including exotic animal veterinarians, emergency clinicians, and nutritionists, developed this formula for use in herbivores who are convalescing, or suffering from anorexia, pre-or post-op debilitated patients, anemia, and more.

Key Benefits :

  • High energy (1.00 kcal/ml ME).
  • 6-month shelf life after opening.
  • All ingredients are optimized for assisting stressed patients, including amino acids, easily digestible protein, omega-3 fatty acids, purified fiber, cellulose, antioxidants, stabilized vitamins, chelated minerals, balanced electrolytes, and more.
  • Eight sources of dietary fiber enhance gastrointestinal motility.
  • Peppermint leaves serve as a source of structural fiber as well as a tasty enticement to eat.
  • Feeding Directions EmerAid Sustain Herbivore is designed for herbivorous mammals including rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas, and herbivorous reptiles such as adult iguanas, all tortoises, and some turtles. Weigh your pet daily to ensure proper weight. Feeding frequency and amount is best determined by an exotic animal veterinarian. Formula can be fed by syringe, added to regular food, or as Herbivore bites. Emeraid Sustain Herbivore meets nutritional requirements. Veterinary Consultation recommended for herbivores which are being hand-fed or have stopped eating. See product label for mixing instructions, or visit EmerAidVet.com for additional feeding information.

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