GiGwi Shaking Fun Plush Lion With Squeaker Inside Dog Toy

Sale priceAED 40.00


The GIGWI Plush Squeaker toys are the preferred choice for dogs of all sizes. This toy offers hours and hours of excitement, whether you're home or away! Squeaks to help entice play for extra excitement. Gigwi Plush Friendz are ideal to fetch, snuggle, or chew. Soft toys retain your pet’s scent to keep him coming back to it again and again. Some dogs like to simply carry plush toys around in their mouth. Cute, soft and cuddly friends feature charming designs made from quality non toxic materials. Find out why classic plush toys are so irresistible to dogs GiGwi has a very simple mission: to help people and their pets spend hours of fun together. Our commitment to pet needs requires a holistic approach to making toys. The GiGwi Team’s dream is to create products that transcend geography, customs and cultures.

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