KW Zone Aquadine Micro Pellet Fish Food 60g

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Aquadine High Growth Micro Pellet

Complete Nutritional Fish Food

High Protein for Healthy and Fast Growth

-Formulated for all small fish.

-Multi-Vitamin supplements ensure optimum growth and disease resistance.

-Superb source of balanced nutrition and contains many important natural ingredients to promotes coloration.

-Slow sinking.

-Ideal for many small tropical freshwater.


The three-in-one formula supplies rich nutrients for tetras, guppies, barbs and bettas. The high quality fish meal blended with essential amino acids makes fish more healthy and supplies an easily digestible source of protein. The dietary fiber and added vitamin C removes stress and improves fish immunity. The slow sinking pellets are more suitable for the column feeders like tetra, guppy, barb and bettas. This Premium quality food will not pollute the aquarium water.


Weight: 60g

Ingredients: Fish meal, yeast, wheat meal, soya meal, com meal, flour, varieties of vitamins and minerals




Feed small amounts two to three times daily.


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