Oxbow Critical Care Omnivore 340g

Sale priceAED 231.00


    • Brand: Oxbow
    • Critical Care Omnivore
    • Size: 340 g
    • Specially formulated for a wide variety of omnivorous species
    • Beneficial diversity of animal, plant, and insect ingredients
    • Highly palatable blend of biologically appropriate ingredients
    • Contains readily absorbable chelated minerals and beneficial prebiotics
    • Beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
    • Calorically dense with bioavailable energy sources

    Critical Care Omnivore is a premium recovery food for omnivores with poor nutritional status. This specialized formula contains a natural, biologically relevant diversity of animal, plant, and insect nutrients. These ingredients, along with micronutrients including prebiotics, stabilized vitamins, and chelated minerals, help to support nutrient absorption and optimize energy levels.

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