Piper With Beef Tripe Fuchsia 500grams

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  • Piper wet food, Beef Tripes is a Complete pet food line that meets their daily needs for minerals and vitamins, essential for dogs of all ages, depending on their physical and physical activity. The Piper diet is highly balanced and based on new nutritional needs and requirements. As a result, a Piper diet greatly improves dental and bone health as well as metabolism.
  • Finally, Piper foods do not contain preservatives, dyes or flavor enhancers. The main features of the products of the Piperline series are the following: 100% coverage of the needs for minerals and vitamins Ensuring good bone and tooth health Maintain metabolism at normal levels Skin care thanks to the Ω-3 & Ω-6 fatty acids they contain
  • meat and animal products 60% (including 10% beef stomachs), minerals, oils and fats (linseed oil 0.2%). protein – 10%, crude oils and fats – 7%, crude ash – 2.5%, crude fiber – 0.8%, moisture – 78%, calcium – 0.3%, phosphorus – 0.25%. Vitamin D3 – 240 IU, Zinc (zinc chelate of glycine hydrate, zinc oxide) – 13 mg.

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