Pro-Nutrition Prestige Dry Food for Maxi Breed Puppies 15 kg

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Complete & balanced food for large breed puppies BONE & JOINT SUPPORT A recipe designed to contribute to bone and joint support and harmonious growth in large breed puppies with hydrolyzed marine collagen, linseed and fish oil which are rich in omega 3, and a balanced provision of calcium and phosphorus. IMMUNITY The incorporation of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium, together with yeast extracts helps strengthen a puppy's immature immune system. MADE IN FRANCE % OF ANIMAL PROTEIN IN TOTAL CRUDE PROTEIN:  83% % INGREDIENTS OF FRENCH ORIGIN: 68% INGREDIENTS Dehydrated animal proteins 28% (poultry, pork). Corn. Rice. Pork fat. Apple fibres. Dehydrated fish. Linseed (3.5%). Animal protein hydrolysates. Brewer's yeast. Coconut oil. Egg. Fish oil (0.5%). Fish autolysates (0.4%). Psyllium fibres. Sea salt. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Marine peptides (type II hydrolysed collagen) (0.04%). Yeast extracts (0.04%) (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Ciberlindera Jadini). Enterococcus faecium (4b1707) (Probiotics). Vitamins and trace elements. SOME TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL DIETARY TRANSITION For this change to take place in good conditions, it is essential to make a dietary transition. This transition allows your dog or cat to gradually adapt to their new diet. The dietary transition period allows this evolution without impacting the well-being of your faithful companion! Days 1 and 2: 75% of the old food + 25% of the new Days 3 and 4: 50% of the old food + 50% of the new Days 5 and 6: 25% of the old food + 75% of the new Day 7: 100% of the new food These elements are given as an indication, the duration of the transition must be adapted according to the sensitivity of your animal. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS CRUDE PROTEIN: 30% FAT: 16% RAW CELLULOSE: 2% MINERAL MATERIAL: 7% METABOLIZABLE ENERGY: 3890 KCAL/KG MICRO-NUTRIENTS  CALCIUM 1.35% PHOSPHORUS 0.9% SODIUM 0.3% POTASSIUM 0.59% MAGNESIUM 0.12% OMEGA 3 1.2% OMEGA 6 2.2% EPA + DHA - OMEGA 3 2G/KG LYSINE 16G/KG METHIONINE 5.3G/KG L-CARNITINE - MG/KG TAURINE - MG/KG COPPER 19 MG/KG ZINC 194 MG/KG INCLUDING CHELATED ZINC 69.5 MG/KG MANGANESE 61 MG/KG IODINE 2.7 MG/KG SELENIUM 0.45 MG/KG INCLUDING ORGANIC SELENIUM 0.06 MG/KG VITAMIN A 17000 IU/KG VITAMIN D3 1100 IU/KG VITAMIN E 220 IU/KG VITAMIN C 190 MG/KG VITAMIN B1 105 MG/KG VITAMIN B2 13 MG/KG VITAMIN B5 - PANTOTHENIC ACID 52 MG/KG VITAMIN B6 12 MG/KG VITAMIN B12 0.28 MG/KG VITAMIN PP 40 MG/KG BIOTIN 3 MG/KG VITAMIN B9 FOLIC ACID 2.7 MG/KG CHOLINE CHLORIDE 2025 MG/KG OSTEO-ARTICULAR SUPPORT - DIGESTIVE SAFETY AND COMFORT - ENHANCED IMMUNITY Prestige  CHIEN PUPPY MAXI kibble  provides support and harmonious development of your young dog's skeleton by providing hydrolyzed cartilage (rich in hydrolyzed marine collagen), chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate (of marine origin). Formulated with highly digestible ingredients, such as vegetable charcoal and clay, your puppy's still immature digestive transit is protected. The combination of Enterococcus faecium probiotics  and prebiotics (FOS and MOS) promotes the proper development of the intestinal flora.  The appropriate size of the kibble contributes to optimal digestion . Nutrition adapted to the specific needs of young growing puppies. These kibbles provide puppies with all the essential nutrients and are adapted to their growth rate and the size they will reach as adults. Your puppy will be won over by the delicious flavor of Prestige  CHIEN PUPPY MAXI kibble . A highly digestible formula, rich in proteins of good nutritional quality with a moderate caloric intake and suitable for large breed puppies who experience long growth. Our nutritionists have developed a technological assembly: “the P+ complex” which makes our kibble highly palatable thanks to the combination of animal proteins, rigorously selected ingredients, probiotics and marine peptides. The supply of hydrolyzed cartilage (source of collagen), chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, which helps protect joints .  Calcium and phosphorus, accompanied by vitamin D, which promote the development of your puppy's skeleton and teeth. The combination of probiotics ( Enterococcus faecium ) and prebiotics (FOS and MOS) stimulates the good balance of the bacterial population in the intestine. Your pet's immune system is strengthened thanks to beta-glucans extracted from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts  combined with fructo-oligosaccharides. Vegetable charcoal and clay secure the puppy's still immature digestive transit. The appropriate size of the kibble facilitates chewing and therefore digestion. Vitamins A, E and C supported by omega 3 (fish autolysates) which guarantee the maintenance of healthy skin and a shiny coat . They support your puppy's natural defenses.  RATIONING Dog's weight as an adult      25kg 30kg      40kg      50kg      60kg      70 kg      80 kg      4th week of weaning      As desired in several meals from weaning to 3 months      3 meals/day minimum, limiting consumption to 40 g/kg (puppy weight)      3 to 4 months 276g 313g 376g 425g 461g 502g 544g 4 to 6 months 321g 364g 441g 504g 558g 604g 647g 6 to 8 months 350g 399g 491g 575g 654g 731g 800g 8 to 10 months 355g 406g 501g 590g 673g 754g 835g 10 to 12 months 354g 407g 505g 596g 682g 765g 849g 12 to 15 months 351g 396g 481g 561g 672g 756g 852g 15 to 18 months Prestige ADULT MAXI 558g 649g 727g 811g 18 to 24 months Prestige ADULT MAXI 712g 789g

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