Pro-Nutrition Prestige Dry Food for Mini Breed Sterilized Adult Dogs 3 kg

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Complete & balanced food for sterilized small breed adult dogs OPTIMAL WEIGHT A carefully tailored protein to energy ratio associated with carnitine, and a balanced with level of fibers to help maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass without frustration. HEALTHY SKIN & SILKY COAT Healthy skin and a silky coat with the incorporation of biotin and zinc, and an optimal provision of omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids. MADE IN FRANCE % OF ANIMAL PROTEIN IN TOTAL CRUDE PROTEIN:  72% % INGREDIENTS OF FRENCH ORIGIN:  81% INGREDIENTS Dehydrated animal proteins 25% (poultry, pork). Corn. Wheat. Broad bean fibres. Linseed. Peas. Pork fat. Apple fibres. Animal protein hydrolysates. Brewer's yeast. Fish autolysates (0.5%). Artichoke. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Enterococcus faecium (4b1707) (Probiotics). Vitamins and trace elements. SOME TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL DIETARY TRANSITION For this change to take place in good conditions, it is essential to make a dietary transition. This transition allows your dog or cat to gradually adapt to their new diet. The dietary transition period allows this evolution without impacting the well-being of your faithful companion! Days 1 and 2: 75% of the old food + 25% of the new Days 3 and 4: 50% of the old food + 50% of the new Days 5 and 6: 25% of the old food + 75% of the new Day 7: 100% of the new food These elements are given as an indication, the duration of the transition must be adapted according to the sensitivity of your animal. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS CRUDE PROTEIN: 27% FAT: 10% RAW CELLULOSE: 8% MINERAL MATERIAL: 6.5% METABOLIZABLE ENERGY: 3200 KCAL/KG MICRO-NUTRIENTS   CALCIUM 1.1% PHOSPHORUS 0.8% SODIUM 0.22% POTASSIUM 0.57% MAGNESIUM 0.14% OMEGA 3 1.2% OMEGA 6 1.6% EPA + DHA - OMEGA 3 0.1G/KG LYSINE 13.1G/KG METHIONINE 4.1G/KG L-CARNITINE 50 MG/KG TAURINE - MG/KG COPPER 21 MG/KG ZINC 200 MG/KG INCLUDING CHELATED ZINC 71 MG/KG MANGANESE 71 MG/KG IODINE 2.7 MG/KG SELENIUM 0.49 MG/KG INCLUDING ORGANIC SELENIUM 0.16 MG/KG VITAMIN A 13600 IU/KG VITAMIN D3 900 IU/KG VITAMIN E 175 IU/KG VITAMIN C 175 MG/KG VITAMIN B1 84 MG/KG VITAMIN B2 10.4 MG/KG VITAMIN B5 - PANTOTHENIC ACID 42 MG/KG VITAMIN B6 9.6 MG/KG VITAMIN B12 0.22 MG/KG VITAMIN PP 32 MG/KG BIOTIN 2.4 MG/KG VITAMIN B9 FOLIC ACID 2.2 MG/KG CHOLINE CHLORIDE 1800 MG/KG OPTIMUM WEIGHT – HEALTHY SKIN AND SILKY COAT Prestige LIGHT/STERILIZED MINI kibble  allows you to maintain an optimal weight without reducing the volume of the usual ration: 20% less energy compared to Prestige Adult mini kibble. The daily ration of kibble must provide your dog with all the essential nutrients so that he is healthy and full of vitality. Sterilization causes a reduction in energy requirements (less than 20%) and an increase in food intake, which often leads to weight gain for your pet.  Prestige LIGHT/STERILIZED MINI kibbles are:  A high-quality protein intake , necessary to maintain muscle mass and  limit fat storage,  associated with an energy density adapted to the needs of sterilized or castrated dogs. Fibers, soluble and insoluble, from apples and beans, to ensure satiety and intestinal health for your companion. A moderate quantity of fat to allow you to maintain an adequate daily ration volume and therefore your dog's full development. Our nutritionists have developed a technological assembly: “the P+ complex” which makes our kibbles highly palatable thanks to the combination of animal proteins, rigorously selected ingredients, probiotics and marine peptides . The incorporation of algae, fibers and a suitable form of kibble to limit the fixation of tartar  and preserve your dog's oral health . Do not give these kibbles to puppies and pregnant or lactating females. RATIONING Optimal dog weight      2kg      3kg     4kg      5kg      6kg      7kg      8kg      9kg      10kg      Normal activity      Quantity per day 47g 64g 80g 94g 108g 121g 134g 146g 158g Average duration (in days)      64 47 38 32 28 25 22 21 19 Moderate activity      Quantity per day 42g 57g 71g 84g 96g 108g 119g 130g 141g Average duration (in days)      71 53 42 36 31 28 25 23 21

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