Pro-Nutrition Prestige Dry Food with Chicken for Sterilized Adult Cats (8+ Years)

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Complete & balanced food for sterilised adult cats and cats over 8 years old and for cats with a tendency to put on weight  ACTIVITY SUPPORT A recipe designed to help maintain mature cats fit and active with hydrolyzed collagen, linseed and fish oil, which are rich in omega 3.  HEALTHY AGEING  To boost your mature cat's vitality, this recipe contains apple fibers rich in natural antioxidants to help cells fight free radicals, yeast extracts for a healthy immune system and limited phosphorus for good renal health.  MADE IN FRANCE % OF ANIMAL PROTEIN IN TOTAL CRUDE PROTEIN: 76% % INGREDIENTS OF FRENCH ORIGIN:83% INGREDIENTS  Dehydrated animal proteins 30% (poultry including chicken 5%, pork). Corn. Broad bean fibres. Poultry fat. Apple fibres (4%). Corn gluten. Animal protein hydrolysates. Linseed (29%). Beet pulp. Calcium carbonate. Brewer's yeast. Potassium chloride. Fish autolysates (0.5%). Fish oil (0.5%). Calcium sulphate. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Marine peptides (type II hydrolysed collagen) (0.7%). Yucca. Yeast extracts (0.04%) (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Ciberlindera Jadini). Enterococcus faecium (4b1707) (Probiotics). Vitamins and trace elements.  SOME TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL DIETARY TRANSITION For this change to take place in good conditions, it is essential to make a dietary transition. This transition allows your dog or cat to gradually adapt to their new diet. The dietary transition period allows this evolution without impacting the well-being of your faithful companion! Days 1 and 2: 75% of the old food + 25% of the new Days 3 and 4: 50% of the old food + 50% of the new Days 5 and 6: 25% of the old food + 75% of the new Day 7: 100% of the new food These elements are given as an indication, the duration of the transition must be adapted according to the sensitivity of your animal. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS CRUDE PROTEIN: 34% FAT 13% RAW CELLULOSE 8% MINERAL MATERIAL 6% METABOLIZABLE ENERGY 3631 MICRO-NUTRIENTS CALCIUM 1.1% PHOSPHORUS 0.6% SODIUM 0.3% POTASSIUM 0.81% MAGNESIUM 0.11% OMEGA 3 1% OMEGA 6 3% EPA + DHA - OMEGA 3 1.5G/KG LYSINE 17.3G/KG METHIONINE 10.6G/KG L-CARNITINE 50 MG/KG TAURINE 1700 MG/KG COPPER 21 MG/KG ZINC 144 MG/KG INCLUDING CHELATED ZINC 31.5 MG/KG MANGANESE 87 MG/KG IODINE 1.9 MG/KG SELENIUM 0.41 MG/KG INCLUDING ORGANIC SELENIUM 0.05 MG/KG VITAMIN A 17600 IU/KG VITAMIN D3 1600 IU/KG VITAMIN E 160 IU/KG VITAMIN C 175 MG/KG VITAMIN B1 97 MG/KG VITAMIN B2 4.1 MG/KG VITAMIN B5 - PANTOTHENIC ACID 14 MG/KG VITAMIN B6 4.9 MG/KG VITAMIN B12 0.02 MG/KG VITAMIN PP 53 MG/KG BIOTIN 1.6 MG/KG VITAMIN B9 FOLIC ACID 1 MG/KG CHOLINE CHLORIDE 4050 MG/KG ACTIVITY SUPPORT – HEALTHY AGING At this stage of their life, your cat's nutritional needs change, due to aging or the appearance of different pathologies. The daily ration must provide essential nutrients in the right quantities to fight against the signs of aging and maintain good general health. Your cat will appreciate the exquisite taste of our Crocktail ADULT 8+ STERILIZED kibble . The presence of fiber, an optimal level and quality of proteins and a reduced fat content contribute to maintaining an optimal weight without reducing the volume of the usual ration. An integration of L-Carnitine to help your companion better use fat and maintain an optimal physiological state. High quality natural fibers (apples and fava beans) combined with probiotics (Enterococcus faecium) for: Guarantee the balance of the intestinal flora. Strengthen the immune defenses of the digestive system. Help prevent feelings of hunger. Vitamins A and E, supported by omega-3 (fish oil and autolysates), contribute to the preservation of healthy skin and a shiny coat , as well as the maintenance of a strong immune system . A controlled and balanced intake of minerals to safeguard your cat's urinary and kidney health . The combination of malted wheat and plant extracts, to limit the formation of hairballs .                 This food should not be used in pregnant or lactating kittens and females.

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