Simple Solution XS Dog Diapers (Waist 23-36cm)

Sale priceAED 74.10


Simple Solution Disposable Diapers are super absorbent, leak proof, have fur friendly fasteners and wetness indicator that provides your pet with the ultimate comfort and they also come in new adjustable sizes that aren’t just a close fit, they’re a perfect fit.


Simple Solution Disposable Diapers, Pack of 12 Pcs.

  • Simple Solution Disposable Diaper provides your pet with the ultimate comfort during travels and is a helpful aid during incontinence, excitable urination or female dogs in heat.
  • Designed with your dog’s fur in mind, the fur friendly fastener helps the diaper to stay in place without the fur getting stuck to the folds.
  • Simple Solution Disposable Diapers have a super absorbent core that locks in all the moisture and leak proof barrier that provides additional support and guarantees no spills.
  • The tail-hole and extra-long wings helps to give your dog freedom of movement
  • Diapers feature a stretchable fabric that fits snugly around your pet to provide comfort while moving.
  • These diapers have wetness indicators that will let you know when the diaper needs to be changed.

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