Thrive Tuna Fillet Kitten Wet Food 75g

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Made with only one source of protein: 100% Tuna Fillet.

To provide your cat with a complete, nutritionally-balanced diet, Thrive Complete cat Tuna Fillet is cooked in chicken broth with additional vitamins and minerals. Therefore, depending on your kitten's preferences, you can feed our food on its own or in combination with our Thrive PremiumPlus Chicken Complete Dry Food because it contains everything your kitty needs.

As strict carnivores, kittens (and cats) do not require grains like rice or wheat for their nutrition. Our kitten wet food is grain-free and protein-focused as a result.

A healthy kitten needs adequate hydration, which is why all of our wet feeds are made with 'free liquid' water for optimum hydration rather than the artificial gelling ingredients found in other brands. We at Thrive believe that wet food is superior, so we say "wetter is better!"


Tuna Fillet (70%), Tuna Stock, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins & Minerals.

Analytical Constituents/ Analysis:


All breeds of kittens are different and all kittens vary in requirements. We recommend feeding 3 to 4 tins a day depending on your kitten’s activity level and their own personal requirements. Kittens start to eat solid foods from about three weeks and are fully weaned at about eight weeks. At first they need small meals often (about four or five a day) but by about six months, two meals a day are usually fine. This can continue throughout their adult life, depending on your cat’s preference. We also make a dry food which is suitable for kittens too and a good way to ensure they are getting all of the calories that they will need.

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