White Bentonite Charme - 10 L (Amber Fragrance)

Sale priceAED 73.50


LindoCat Charme is a first class performance clumping cat litter. Made of 100% premium pure white bentonite with pink granules, it has excellent clumping, absorption and odour retention properties. The pleasing oriental amber fragrance, together with the antiseptic, soothing effects of calendula, make LindoCat Charme the ideal litter for more delicate cats with sensitive skins.


  • Clumping: fast, high performance clumping.
  • Long-lasting: a top performance litter: 10 litres last 50 days.
  • No dust: low-dust content formula, does not track.
  • 100% Natural: made of naturally absorbent mineral clay.

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