Bioline Pet Roll Replacement Tape 60Pcs X 2

Sale priceAED 18.48


The Roller Is Suitable For Household, Hospital, Office And Places Of Special Working Environment Such As Railroad, Cabin, Computer Room And Purifying Room And The Paper Is Regenerated From Ideal Green Product. Easily Removes Pet Hair From Your Clothes, Sofa, Car Etc. 2 X Roller Replacement Tapes (Equivalent To 120 Sheets Of Tape) Description [Specification]: 14G [Scope Of Application]: General Dogs, Cats And Birds [Ingredients]: Bentonite, Diatomaceous Earth, Ammonium Chloride [Features]: It Can Quickly Stop Bleeding, Analgesic, Sterilizing, Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Safe And Convenient To Use, No Side Effects.

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