Inaba Churu Tuna with Scallop Recipe 56g Cat Treats

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The Churu Tuna with Scallop Recipe is an unique creamy cat treat from Inaba. This purr-fectly delicious treat is made with real, farm-raised chicken and natural wild tuna flavour for the protein-packed goodness. It does not contain any grains, preservatives and artificial ingredients. It has vitamin E to help boost nutrition and it�s also a great way to add hydration to support the overall well-being of your kitty's, from its tails to whiskers.

Product Features:

  • Made with 100% pure and natural wild tuna
  • No grains, preservatives or artificial colours
  • Creamy texture and savoury flavours cats love
  • Great for administering pills
  • High in moisture cats need for general health
  • Low in calories
  • Designed for feeding by hand
  • Innovative, interactive way to spend time together
  • Can be used as a topper on wet or dry food.

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