Fida Durable Slip Lead Dog Leash / Training Leash - Purple

Sale priceAED 47.25


Due to the adjustable loop, this leash can fit all size of dogs, 6 feet is a perfect length for walking or training dog.
Strong Nylon 1/2? thick Rope, Leather stopper and knots cover, sturdy metal ring and the reflective straps provide maximum durability and security. Definitely, this is a great slip rope dog leash, make your walk easy every day.

EASY AND CONVENIENT– No collar or harness needed. With the adjustable loop, extremely simple and easy to put on or off.
STRONG & LIGHTWEIGHT – This tough Premium Slip Dog Leash made of high strength nylon rope, super durable metal ring, and the knots bound with leather cover. 1/2” thick rope provide maximum durability and comfortable grip.
Reflective for Night Safety – The reflective straps on the entire rope leash ensures great visibility and security during night walk or jogging.
Great for Training – The slip leash tightens when your dog pulls and loosens when the behavior is corrected. Great dog training leash to correct the behavior under control.
Perfect Size – 1/2” x 6 ft perfect length for Outside walking, jogging, hiking or training. Suit for Large, medium and small dogs and puppies.

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