Happy Dog Pure Rind (Beef) 400g

Sale priceAED 17.64


100% animal protein from beef*

With Happy Dog Beef Pure wet dog food you’re feeding natural goodness. This high-quality meat nutrition is made from 100% valuable meat together with offal, e.g. heart, lung and liver, and contains high-quality vitamins and minerals. The meat and offal are exclusively from beef*. This wet food is soya-free and does not contain any other plant additives.

Beef Pure is suitable for all breeds of adult dog and for connoisseurs of natural food.

This pure meat food is naturally optimal as a complete pure food as well as for owner-prepared rations and is ideal combined with Happy Dog Flakes Mixer. The Flakes Mixer provides vital fibre for a healthy diet. The vegetable ingredients help support digestion and provide carbohydrates for energy.

Do you want to introduce more variety into your four-legged friend’s diet, in addition to dry food? That’s easy to do: switch some of the dry food for a portion of wet food, and give your much-loved dog added enjoyment.

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