Pawsitiv Permium Silica Crystal Gel Litter For Cat - 16L Baby Powder

Sale priceAED 141.75



Pawsitiv - designed in Italy now launches its line of Silica Gel Cat litter.

1) No clumping action.

2) More eco friendly because it naturally bio-degradable.

3) This litter tends to be tidier with less mess.

4) When it comes to fighting odor, Pawsitiv litter does the best job in absorbing the odor and masking the undesirable odor of cat urine.

5) Unlike many litters, you only need to completely replace this litter approximately once every month.

6) If you have allergies or just want less dust in the house, Pawsitiv litter should be your choice.

7) At a time when it seems like everything around us is toxic to our health, crystals are said to be non-toxic.

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