Schesir Cat Wet Soup-With Wild Tuna and Papaya 85g

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A Schesir recipe which combines succulent tuna fillets with the delicate flavour of papaya. The dish is cooked in soup, for cats who love Schesir wet food, especially its liquid consistency. Great on its own or mixed with dry kibble, for an extra touch of flavour.

•This recipe is based on delicious tuna and papaya
•All ingredients selected by Schesir are 100% natural
•The ingredients are steam-cooked and prepared by hand
•All Schesir products are formulated with no added preservatives or colours
•Schesir uses only sustainably fished tuna
•Grain & Gluten Free
•Cruelty free
•Comes in a practical pouch, just open, squeeze, and serve!

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