Simple Solution Pet Hair and Lint Remover

Sale priceAED 68.25


Simple Solutions Pet Hair And Lint Remover Sponge. Excessive shedding from your pet can be a real nuisance in your home, ordinarily, pet hair is very difficult to remove from upholstery clothing and carpets. Simple solution pet hair sponge gathers pet hair like a magnet and making it easy to wipe away. This sponge is washable and can be reused hundreds of times making it an exceptional value.

Simple Solution pet hair & lint remover is an easy way to remove pet hair from any surface.
The special rubber traps and removes pet hair, dander, lint and dust, without wetting.
100% Synthetic
Can be used on any surface without water including – clothing, upholstery, electronics, carpets, rugs, stone, brick wallpaper and many more
Long lasting, remove and dispose of pet hair and re-use over an over again.

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