Spark Liquid For Companion Animals 125ml

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A nutritional supplement rich in salt and a sustainable energy source for all pets. \n \nKey Features: \n- Its veterinary formulation is specialized to ensure optimal re-hydration. \n- ٍٍRejuvenation and recovery results from stress and temperature extremes. \n- Easy to use - Simply add the product to your pet's drinking water. \n- Fast and effective replenishment of salts and energy - begins to restore balance as soon as consumed. \n \nRecommended Use: \nUse in your pet's drinking water to rehydrate, replenish and aid in recovery in times of extreme temperatures, stress, illness or injury. \n \nActive Ingredients: \nGlucose 135g / L \nCitrate ions 30.31g / L \nSodium ions 13g / L \nPotassium ions 20g / L \n \nDirections: \nAdd 20ml of Spark to 1 liter of drinking water. \nThe solution should be used as the only source of water and please prepare fresh solution daily. \nPlease shake the package well before use

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